We love Plex Server and Plex app. Plex Pix works with your existing Plex Server and does one thing and only one thing, help you decide what to watch. That’s it, nothing fancy. After you’ve debated with your friends and family about what to watch, fire up your favorite Plex client and enjoy.

So what does our app do?

 • Allows you to quickly browse, sort and filter your movies

 • Allows you to quickly view any trailers you’ve downloaded onto your server

 • No trailers? No Problem, our app will search YouTube and find a trailer for you

 • Allows you to manage a Plex Playlist

 • Convenience link to IMDB to get more in-depth details

 • Caches a copy of you Plex Server so you can review it off-line or away from Home

 • Allows you to share a with a friend to help decide what to watch tonight!